Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Need of a Livestock Supplier

Anybody interested in venturing into a Livestock Supplier please refer to the email received from Mr Haji L Ferro

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1. Supplier of Livestock( Cow,Sheep,and Goat)
2. Place where we can put up our slaughter house probably
Imus,Paranaque or Molino.
3. we need also an expert for livestock farming we need a
consultant who can give us the feasibility study He/She will be
our Partner in morocco farm project. He/ She has a wide experience in
livestock farming.

 Good Day!

We are an newly engage in livestock farming here in saudi arabia
we are looking for a consultant for cow,goat and sheep farming
there in the Philippines.

Also we will have a big project there in the Philippines we are going
to put up an slaughter house and we are looking for the supplier of
goat,sheep and cow please give us some well known supplier of the
said animals,and we want to deal with them.

Crown B agro is one of our target to work with it is owned by
Mr. Francisco Delafuente Please let me know if you have a connection with him.
Please feel free to call me on my number below.
Best Regards,
Haji L. Ferro