Saturday, September 1, 2012

Triple J Manufacturing

September 2, 2012

With the ongoing  internal management issue with Triple J Manufacturing, it is advisable not to do any transaction with them at the moment. As a cattle raiser I have inquired and even have plans of ordering their products.

Hopefully things can be sorted out and things would go back to business as usual.


  1. The problem with Triple J Manufacturing is much bigger than internal management. The Canadian owner is a con. He asks for advance payment with a promise to deliver then either deliver incomplete items or most of the time, deliver none. Try to ask for a refund and he'll just ignore you. A number of NBI complaints have been filed against him.

  2. If you dont want to lose your hard earnt money ,then dont deal with Triple J Manufacturing.Unfortunately i dealt with them paid my money and after 8 months still no goods delivered