Friday, February 4, 2011

The Philippines Beef Cattle Farming Sector: A Briefing for Canadian Livestock Genetics Suppliers

This is a very good article on the current status of Beef Cattle Industry in the Philippines.

1. Introduction
This briefing has been prepared by Stanton, Emms & Sia for Canadian exporters of livestock genetics, the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines and the Southeast Asia Regional Agri-Food Trade Commissioner, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The objectives of this briefing are to provide exporters and the Canadian government with:

* a snap shot of conditions in the Philippines market for beef;

* an update on the government policies covering the beef cattle farming industry and its future development;

* a review of the state of the beef cattle farming industry and its operations;

* A SWOT analysis on the beef cattle farming industry;

* an assessment of the future strategic direction of the beef cattle farming sector; and,

* insight into potential opportunities for Canadian exporters of breeding animals and genetic materials in the Philippines in future.

The research supporting this briefing was performed in February and March 2010.

2. The beef market in the Philippines, a snap shot

The beef market is the smallest of the mainstream meat markets in the Philippines. Beef is not a staple food. While it is extremely popular, beef is more a luxury item because of its high retail price, when compared to pork and chicken.

Beef supply currently amounts to about 240,000 tonnes per annum. Additionally, around 140,000 tonnes of carabeef is produced from buffalo, known as Carabao in the Philippines.

According to the government, imports comprise around 20% of beef supply and are needed mainly to deal with shortages in supply of manufacturing beef and bovine offal for use by the Philippines processed meat industry.

Beef is a secondary meat within Philippines agriculture. The supply of pork is much larger at around 1.8 million tonnes in 2009. More

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  1. Hi Chito,

    Could I request for a full copy of the Canadian Briefing?

    I intend to start a cattle ranching project on land we have in Hermosa, Bataan. Currently, there are 100 cows on the property under a paiwi system but none of these cattle are mine. I merely allow the local people to use the 200 hectares in return for maintaining the fencing and securing the property. I am looking at either buying off their good female stock, put in a good Brahman bull, and go paiwi or do it professionally with an experience cattle rancher. The land is perfect for cattle ranching - looks like Masbate rolling hills.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on your blog!

    Mark Dayrit